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The U.S Forest Service (USFS), with support from the Missouri Chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), is developing a restoration/improvement project of Elm Spring, its spring branch and valley floor once populated with native bottom land hardwoods. TNC received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to design a spring branch restoration project using natural channel design and bioengineering principles. The USFS and TNC are also working with the Missouri Department of Conservationfor technical expertise on the native aquatic habitat, and the Mill Creek Watershed Coalition (MCWC), assisting here with fund raising. 

On the slides to the right, the blue lines depict artificial channelization of the Elm Spring branch. Red lines and red dots reflect locations pictured. The pale green line on the last slide depicts one example of a more natural spring branch run. 


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This is an ambitious plan towards which over $100,000 has been committed.  The Spring branch, with additional funding, will meander in a natural direction up the Valley 4,000 feet. This more extensive  restoration will require an additional $30,000 in funding. To reach this goal, the MCWC is committed to raising $15,000, to be matched dollar for dollar through various grants from various partners

Primary funding sources include the USFS, TNC and grants being applying for by these agencies. Grants require a total of 50% federal and non-federal partnership match. Thus, for every dollar contributed by USFS, TNC, and the MCWC, the project anticipates receiving, under matching fund programs, an equal amount in grant funding.

Every $10 contribution made will add approximately ten more feet of length to the spring branch!

Please help us with this valuable conservation project!

Photo Credit: Maureen Robinson (Click for larger view.)

Mill Creek near Little Piney confluence.

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